Man Seeking Coffee –

Welcome to another Coffee Date! 

There is something wholly and totally alluring about a person that can make you laugh. Women are often drawn to men that, while on paper may seem completely ineligible, are irresistible because they are genuinely funny. It’s a trait much more valued in the 21st Century than back in the caveman days.

Instinctively females used to want someone of brute strength first, and intelligence second. But nowadays (perhaps because people are increasingly more in need of breaks from everyday stress) humor is extremely valuable. A guy that can make a girl laugh, smile, and feel more carefree is a potential long term, compatible mate.

Humor is just one of the big things guys can offer to make partners happy,  But, tickling her funny bone isn’t the only thing attractive to the modern woman. The fact that guys tend to sweat the details less, forgive quicker and forget conflicts faster, all pointing to less complicated emotions, is appealing to many ladies. 

This morning I got the chance to laugh with my Ken.  This man really knows how to make smile & laugh.  What a way to start this lady’s day!

“Good Girl”

What’s the most romantic thing I could possibly do for myself? What about setting my alarm for the break of dawn and getting up even though it’s oh-so-early and going to sunrise yoga by myself? Really? Really! My best strategy for really making the most of my life is to get really, really good and grounded. Connect with myself. Connect with my feelings and emotions. Connect with my wants and my needs. Connect with my desires.

Now, breathe!

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Like or Hate

Monday. There is never ever a dull moment in my life. Monday morning’s just seem to keep me on my toes a tad bit more than other days. So this morning I am sitting at my desk when I received this text from my oldest daughther:

“For the next 30 years you have to live with one person in the same room all the time. Afterwards you have to kill them. Would you choose someone you like or someone you hate?”

Thankfully, I have a good relationship with God. Naturally, I responded with kind words of wisdom: “Mari, I don’t hate anyone. I would ultimately have to choose someone I like. I am not the type of woman to let hate consume my heart.” Love Thy Neighbor

She has yet to answer her own question….
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My Life As A Superhero (um, I mean Single Mom)!


I’m at a point in my life where I know what I want and what makes me happy. Settling for just anyone or anything is not an option. I have worked so hard all of my life to become a respectable, smart, successful woman and I know that I can have a relationship that is fulfilling if I work hard in it as well.

I love to have fun and laugh…Im witty and like when someone can throw me off a little (or a lot)! I think I’m pretty funny…I like to make people laugh and feel comfortable and relaxed around me!   I have a good heart but I hide it with a hard exterior. I’m not much into the bar scene anymore. I don’t hate it, but I’d prefer to spend quality time with someone I care about rather than a bunch of people I don’t know.

I am strong minded, strong willed  stubborn, but that’s what makes a great mother, an incredible friend, an amazing daughter and phenomenal portrait photographer.  I don’t think anyone ever starts out thinking “when I grow up, I want to be a single parent…,” but one day, you wake up and find that is where you are. The road of life just takes people on an uncertain path…at least it has for me.   I lost my mind when I had my children but I have found my soul.

FUN STUFF:  I like to work hard and play harder. I am a little crazy, outspoken, I am fun-loving, no time for drama, a tad OCD at times, and one of the best-friends you can ask for.  Sometimes to my disadvantage, I am a very independent person. I work full- time, am a sports mom who goes to practices and games, fixes things around the house by myself-for the most part, and don’t like to ask for help. (I am learning how to ask, but it’s hard)  I enjoy new adventures.

I wake up by 4:00am and asleep by 11pm pretty much everyday b/c I am a firm believer in hard work  success.  I am a social chameleon, I effortlessly blend with most all social groups.  I currently live about 15 miles from the beach and have become spoiled to it.  I am never to busy for my family/friends, I have a shoe addiction, I am dog sorta chick no cats for me, coffee keeps me going!

I’d love to meet someone who compliments my life, challenges me, and makes me better. I want to do that for someone as well. I can appreciate a man who is comfortable in his own skin and who is well established. I’ve become comfortable and happy being alone, but I’m definitely ready to share my life with someone special.  My better half would be the type of guy that enjoys his career, but “works to live.” I’m looking for someone that can engage in good conversation and is also a good communicator – there’s definitely a difference. Someone that enjoys the finer things that life has to offer, but likes to get his hands dirty too. We bring out the best in each other, always striving to be better and do better. You have a close relationship with your family and have a tremendous amount of self-worth. You enjoy sports and being active, but it’s more about the fun than the exercise.