Man Seeking Coffee –

Welcome to another Coffee Date! 

There is something wholly and totally alluring about a person that can make you laugh. Women are often drawn to men that, while on paper may seem completely ineligible, are irresistible because they are genuinely funny. It’s a trait much more valued in the 21st Century than back in the caveman days.

Instinctively females used to want someone of brute strength first, and intelligence second. But nowadays (perhaps because people are increasingly more in need of breaks from everyday stress) humor is extremely valuable. A guy that can make a girl laugh, smile, and feel more carefree is a potential long term, compatible mate.

Humor is just one of the big things guys can offer to make partners happy,  But, tickling her funny bone isn’t the only thing attractive to the modern woman. The fact that guys tend to sweat the details less, forgive quicker and forget conflicts faster, all pointing to less complicated emotions, is appealing to many ladies. 

This morning I got the chance to laugh with my Ken.  This man really knows how to make smile & laugh.  What a way to start this lady’s day!

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