Finding Music In Unexpected Moments

My family LOVES  music! All types & styles…from classic to rock to pop! We always have music on, at home, in the car, for events like sports days at school. If you are like us, you will love making up playlists for different events in your lives too!  In those moments between music discovery, is where we find ourselves lost from the hunt, we tend to dip back into songs that feel comfortable, familiar and even in their years-long love affair with our hearts, still reach us.   

Mari I say this to you:  

     You live your life with this great responsibility.  This season will take you on a wonderful ride.  You have gone from just being the nice girl in band to an instant leader.  Be the best drum major you can ever hope to be for your band, it’s what they deserve. They’re a great band, and you might not really know it until you’re standing right in front of them and listening very closely.  You will be a  great and inspiring drum major, that changes lives.  You may change their lives, but in reality, they will change yours . You are who today because of your love for music.  We all have faith in you. 

I’m Carrying Your Love With Me,


P.S.  Music is the language of the heart, but your head will make you insane with its 1000 wrong translations.