Bitter Sweet Memories On The Road To My Regret

I cannot tell a lie, I can chosen to live positively in-spite of whatever problems life thrown at me, but it is not easy. Everyday is a struggle, a constant battle to scoop up the good and ignore the bad. So when something or someone just comes to fuck up that positive rhythm that I’ve have managed to build up it is crushing. People make mistakes everyday, they trust the wrong people or make the wrong choices, but why do my mistakes have to be so devastating?!?!

It has become a goal of mine to experience, enjoy, and try to change only the things that I can impact and do my best to let go of the things that are beyond my control. One particular thing I realized is that every moment in our lives is exactly that – a moment. It flashes by! We are given each one as a gift, and it is in our hands what we do with it. Good or bad we can never relive it. Once it is gone…it will always be gone, just a memory. We are already aware that how several little things from our daily life are inter-connected in ways we cannot even fathom. From the color of our nail paint to the bus we take, everything has a cause and effect. Our actions, and the actions of others around us are due to several factors. At any given moment, several little things happen around us which go unnoticed. “We see but we do not observe”. All these events work in harmony to create our present.

We are aware that our presence is of only an iota of our world. All the happenings of the world around us are connected like a string. Every action causes a reaction, which cause another. One change will disturb the sequence and everything will fall like tiles of dominoes, one after another after another.

Wouldn’t it be nice sometimes if we had a rewind button? With all of the things we say, things we do, it would be nice to rewind the life tape as if we had never said what we said or did what we did. Or any time a bad decision is made, I could just delete it like I do on the computer. Stop the tape, rewind as if it never happened. Or would it?

If we did have this luxury of rewinding our life, what learning consequences would arise?  I know, it’s very important that we all recognize our mistakes and learn from them. But when we live in regret, frequently wishing and dreaming of what might have been, we know we’re headed down the wrong road.

Also remember that life does not have a rewind button to give us the opportunity to look back and make changes to the mistake made. We can only make changes to the future and not make that mistake again.


This time travel crap, just fries your brain like a egg – Looper (2012)