Our Anniversary NFL Game

The lights, the canons, the enthusiasm, everything.

The perfect four-year anniversary present! Knowing we are both sports fanatics so he bought us tickets to my favorite team. New England Patriots tickets.

Since we live in Tampa, the commute isn’t bad at all this was perfect (although the tickets were crazy expensive due to it being an insane game) I knew we were both going to have the time of our lives. William officially bought us two tickets for section 242 row k seat 16 & 17 🏈🙌😙

This is our view for NE Patriots vs. Tampa Bucaneers October 5th 2017 

When the teams ran out, the crowd was going crazy and the canons that shot out from the sides was an amazing sight. He looked over at me and the happiness on my face ensured him that he got the right gift. I was going crazy and cheering like there’s no tomorrow.


Pats vs Bucs #williamkowalewski #aprilmcmanus

I was happy the game he bought tickets for, my team won. If you are a sports fanatic and haven’t experienced a game, I promise the experience is so so so worth it. 

I love this man so much! Happy anniversary @WilliamKowalewski 😗

XOXO April McManus 


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Slow Down – Pause – Stay Calm

So, with this idea of spreading a message of abundance to you this season — not through coupon codes or special holiday deals — I offer you the only gifts I really want to give to any really busy, hard-working family this year.

The gift of hours.

The gift of laughter.

The gift of smiles.

The gift of big hugs.

The gift of sweet, sloppy kisses.

The gift of breathing.

The gift of being understood.

The gift of feeling heard.

The gift of the sun rising.

The gift of the moon shining.

And the gift of simply being able to wake up even if for just one moment and notice all the gifts in front of us — the real ones that you won’t find under the tree this year but the ones that are already filling your heart.  Image

Facebook would probably define the relationship I’m developing with myself as “complicated”

This past weekend has been one hell of an emotional roller coaster for me. Looking for Mr. Right in today’s restless society is quite daunting.  I have met men but have an unerring knack of attracting the wrong type. For me the past couple of years has rolled on with the hope of a wonderful relationship blooming in my dreams — and ultimately withering in the face of reality.  However, the men I have met while I’ve been here the last six months have had a common theme. They’ve all been completely unavailable. Either literally – because they’ve had girlfriends or wives, or emotionally – because they just got out of a serious relationship or because they’re just not looking for a special someone at this time. None of these guys have been particularly rude or nasty – they have all, in fact, been very kind and openly honest. They have poured out their hearts and their souls or spoken of their leading ladies in the highest of terms.

For me, my life overall is in a good place. My children, family, friendships and career are a great source of fun and celebration, but at the end of the day I don’t have that one special person who is just there just for me. So at the age of 32, I got a therapist. She has shown me how important it is to revisit the problems of the past to move on from them. So off we plunged into my tormented psyche until we crashed and burned at the bottom.

Now that I am in a much healthier state of mind, I realize that in every past relationship I have attempted,  I try to push “him” away before he could give up of his own accord.  I wasn’t gonna  wait for fate to throw off its happy-ever-after cloak and shout ‘Gotcha!’ like some horrible pantomime villain.  I had to step back and  distinguish between what I need and what I want. (there is nothing wrong with wants, but just make sure that they are lower on your list than the needs) I have prioritized and know which qualities & attributes I will not compromise on, and which ones are up for discussion.   I need a man who is compassionate, responsible, supportive, caring, dedicated, etc.,  he is the person who will be able to adapt to whatever comes ‘our’ way in life.

Don’t get me wrong though, I firmly believe a woman in a man’s world has to be tough as nails.  For this reason, I have developed a hard shell that no one can penetrate. But, I do have a softer side that not many see. Turns out, once I agree to give love a fair shot, I am surprisingly vulnerable.  It might take me until I was 50 to find the right man, and I will probably have smooched more than my share of pond life along the way, but kissing Mr. Right (My Unicorn) will be more than worth the wait.

– love is always one step ahead

April McManus.


My Life As A Superhero (um, I mean Single Mom)!


I’m at a point in my life where I know what I want and what makes me happy. Settling for just anyone or anything is not an option. I have worked so hard all of my life to become a respectable, smart, successful woman and I know that I can have a relationship that is fulfilling if I work hard in it as well.

I love to have fun and laugh…Im witty and like when someone can throw me off a little (or a lot)! I think I’m pretty funny…I like to make people laugh and feel comfortable and relaxed around me!   I have a good heart but I hide it with a hard exterior. I’m not much into the bar scene anymore. I don’t hate it, but I’d prefer to spend quality time with someone I care about rather than a bunch of people I don’t know.

I am strong minded, strong willed  stubborn, but that’s what makes a great mother, an incredible friend, an amazing daughter and phenomenal portrait photographer.  I don’t think anyone ever starts out thinking “when I grow up, I want to be a single parent…,” but one day, you wake up and find that is where you are. The road of life just takes people on an uncertain path…at least it has for me.   I lost my mind when I had my children but I have found my soul.

FUN STUFF:  I like to work hard and play harder. I am a little crazy, outspoken, I am fun-loving, no time for drama, a tad OCD at times, and one of the best-friends you can ask for.  Sometimes to my disadvantage, I am a very independent person. I work full- time, am a sports mom who goes to practices and games, fixes things around the house by myself-for the most part, and don’t like to ask for help. (I am learning how to ask, but it’s hard)  I enjoy new adventures.

I wake up by 4:00am and asleep by 11pm pretty much everyday b/c I am a firm believer in hard work  success.  I am a social chameleon, I effortlessly blend with most all social groups.  I currently live about 15 miles from the beach and have become spoiled to it.  I am never to busy for my family/friends, I have a shoe addiction, I am dog sorta chick no cats for me, coffee keeps me going!

I’d love to meet someone who compliments my life, challenges me, and makes me better. I want to do that for someone as well. I can appreciate a man who is comfortable in his own skin and who is well established. I’ve become comfortable and happy being alone, but I’m definitely ready to share my life with someone special.  My better half would be the type of guy that enjoys his career, but “works to live.” I’m looking for someone that can engage in good conversation and is also a good communicator – there’s definitely a difference. Someone that enjoys the finer things that life has to offer, but likes to get his hands dirty too. We bring out the best in each other, always striving to be better and do better. You have a close relationship with your family and have a tremendous amount of self-worth. You enjoy sports and being active, but it’s more about the fun than the exercise.