“Good Girl”

What’s the most romantic thing I could possibly do for myself? What about setting my alarm for the break of dawn and getting up even though it’s oh-so-early and going to sunrise yoga by myself? Really? Really! My best strategy for really making the most of my life is to get really, really good and grounded. Connect with myself. Connect with my feelings and emotions. Connect with my wants and my needs. Connect with my desires.

Now, breathe!

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Like or Hate

Monday. There is never ever a dull moment in my life. Monday morning’s just seem to keep me on my toes a tad bit more than other days. So this morning I am sitting at my desk when I received this text from my oldest daughther:

“For the next 30 years you have to live with one person in the same room all the time. Afterwards you have to kill them. Would you choose someone you like or someone you hate?”

Thankfully, I have a good relationship with God. Naturally, I responded with kind words of wisdom: “Mari, I don’t hate anyone. I would ultimately have to choose someone I like. I am not the type of woman to let hate consume my heart.” Love Thy Neighbor

She has yet to answer her own question….
#April McManus